Managing Today with an Eye Towards Tomorrow

At Oomkes Landscape Management, we make our living by taking care of the environment around us.  So it would be pretty short-sighted of us not to think about sustainability and the impact we have on our surroundings!  We started thinking about environmental impact long before it became a popular buzzword, because we knew it was the right thing to do.  

The truth of the matter is that cost containment and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.  When we work with our customers to design the most cost-effective solution for their needs, we’re working within the natural environment.  Grand Rapids is one of the leaders in building LEED® certified facilities, and in addition to our regular environmental practices we are also experienced in maintaining LEED certified properties.

Here are some examples of things we do as a matter of course to preserve and protect our environment.

Environmentally Responsible Snow and Ice Removal

  • Our salt for de-icing is coated with beet juice.  It’s safe, non-toxic, and reduces the amount of salt needed by 30%.
  • We add an anti-corrosive element to our salt mixture to minimize its impact on cars, trucks, and infrastructure.
  • Our de-icing trucks are equipped with temperature sensors to detect the temperature of the pavement.  We adjust the amount of salt we use based on the temperature to get the right result with no waste.


Earth Friendly Landscape Management

  • We compost all tree trimmings and brush.
  • We offer fertilizer that contains less nitrogen and requires only one application.
  • Our crews dial up or dial down sprinkler systems throughout the growing season to avoid over-watering.  
  • We offer natural pest control solutions where appropriate and effective. 
  • We offer low-maintenance landscape designs and/or native plant material landscapes.

It is possible to balance cost control with environmental responsibility, and still have a beautiful landscape.  We would be happy to show you how it’s done.  Please contact us for an estimate.