snow and ice

Snow and Ice

Around-the-Clock Service

Snow is a challenge, especially for businesses that operate 24 hours per day.  Oomkes Landscape Management makes sure that you never miss a delivery or inconvenience your customers because of snow.

Minimize the Impact of Snow and Ice on Your Business

Snow and ice are a reality in Michigan.  But we have the best snow and ice management system for reliable snow removal from driveways, parking lots and sidewalks.

  • We subscribe to a weather alert service that gives us a 3-hour advance notice when snow is on the way.  Our snow removal service is reliable - we're always prepared!
  • Our snow and ice management agreement provides whatever level of service you need - whether that’s bare pavement all the time, or snow removal once per snowfall.  You set the parameters in the snow removal  agreement and we will meet them.
  • We completely remove snow from the property, if requested, so that you don’t lose parking spaces in your lot. We can also move snow to other parts of your property with our specialized equipment, reducing your removal costs.
  • We have separate crews for snow plowing and for shoveling sidewalks, so we can keep everything clean.
  • We're licensed and insured.  Our long-term employees know their equipment very well, and they operate safely even in the toughest weather.

High Expectations?  No Problem!

We offer around-the-clock snow plowing and removal service that supports business operations for:

  • companies that run multiple shifts and need consistent snow removal in parking lots and on sidewalks.
  • banking facilities that offer 24-hour drive-through access.
  • retail establishments that are open 24 hours per day.
  • healthcare locations with high traffic and/or emergency services.
  • manufacturing or distribution companies whose loading docks must be clear for deliveries and shipments.
  • rental facilities that host parties and events. 

What About Your Home?

Snow is no less of a problem at home than it is at work.  Oomkes Landscape Management offers reliable, consistent and frequent snow blowing and snow removal services for individuals or neighborhoods.  Many of the same advantages available to our commercial customers (such as salting and de-icing) are welcome benefits for our residential customers as well.