cost containment

Cost Containment

Cost Effective, Not Low Cost

If you were building a house, would you want to find the lowest price on each item?  Probably not!  You might end up with a cheap shower stall, but you might have to reframe the bathroom to make it fit.  You could find single garage doors on sale, but the cost of framing and wiring two doors might be more than the cost of installing a double door.  

What you want is a cost-effective solution: one that meets your budget and your expectations.  That’s what Oomkes Landscape Management provides for all of its customers.   We don’t just provide a cheap lawn mowing or snow removal service.  We figure out the best way to meet all your needs.  Our residential and commercial landscaping and snow removal services are designed holistically to save you money.  Following are just a few examples of how Oomkes Landscape Management provides cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for landscape maintenance and snow removal in greater Grand Rapids.

Snow Removal

The best snow removal system is cost-effective.  That means the snow removal rates are competitive, but we look at more than just snow plowing or snow shoveling:  

  • The salt we use for de-icing has a special coating that allows us to use 30% less and get the same result.
  • We recommend an integrated salting and snow plowing service to reduce the number of visits needed and to eliminate hard-pack buildup.
  • Our de-icing equipment is equipped with sensors that measure pavement temperature and release just the right amount of salt for the weather conditions.
  • By salting a parking lot we can eliminate hard-pack snow (which means we don’t have to come back later to remove the hardpack).
  • We’ll keep your sidewalks clean all the time - not just once every 24 hours.  That means customers can come in your doors all the time too. 
  • We have the right snow removal equipment: large equipment for the large areas; small equipment for the smaller areas.

The cost of effective, conscientious snow plowing service is substantially less than the cost of lost business, injuries or accidents on your property.  Please contact us to talk about your needs and we will be happy to provide a quote.

Landscape Management

Your landscape can be as simple or as stunning as you would like it to be.  No matter what kind of statement you make with your residential or commercial landscaping, Oomkes Landscape Management can provide a cost-effective, holistic approach for landscape maintenance.

  • We can design landscapes and provide landscaping ideas that are low-water, low-maintenance if that’s what you would like.
  • Our well-educated, trained horticulturists know what works in the Michigan climate, and what does not.  We also know how to care for your landscape plantings for best results.
  • Our single-application fertilizer can be applied just once for the entire summer season.
  • We use a bark blower to apply mulch, which is much faster than the manual approach.
  • We adjust your sprinkler cycle throughout the growing season to save water and money.

We would be happy to provide you with a comprehensive residential or commercial landscape maintenance estimate.  Please contact us to talk about your needs or to receive an estimate.